Monday, February 8, 2010

Fresh Soda Shampoo

Few months ago, due to the the impact of the economy on my pocket book and the fact I am a full-time student, and therefore poor: I stopped colouring my hair. Eek, I know, brave. This experiment turned my usually dry, over processed hair, oily and flat.
And I found a few strands of silver too. ( I don't want to digress, but what is up with grey hair and its unfortunate habit of sticking out of the rest of my brown hair like a rebellious teenager?)

Instead of spending $200 every two months on having my hair processed, I instead invest in a few good products.
Fresh Soda shampoo is fairly gentle--I do find when I use it too often my scalp gets dry and flaky--and it leaves your hair absolutely shiny and bouncy.
The bicarbonate soda in the shampoo--this is the stuff our grandma's used--cleans and clarifies. Mint and grapefruit gives the product a lovely scent.
I look forward to using this shampoo. It lathers up nicely and I feel like I am indulging a little. Well, with the price tag, a lot. And after my hair feels squeaky clean--awesome. It is full of life and shine. Doesn't replace my hairdresser though.
Priced at $33 Canadian, it is a bit of budget buster. But worth it.

Their Pomegranate conditioner is also worth a look if your hair only needs a light condition.

you can pick up a bottle @:

(prices may vary)


  1. sounds good. sometimes you do have to spend a bit more to get a good result. Its a shame i dont think we can get it over here though :(

    Tina from
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  2. Thank you Tina. I am not sure where you are, but Sephora delivers just about anywhere. (Sorry about the delay in replying.)