Sunday, February 7, 2010

Intro--what am I doing?

Hi, my name is Romana and I am a product junkie. I love all the potions and bottles filled with sweet smelling concoctions that make me feel beautiful. But, sometimes I get overzealous, and buy more than I need. And all the excess goes in my deep bathroom drawer, the bottom one that will not work for anything else. And I test all these products on whim. Sometimes I feel like a glamorous magazine editor who gets boxes and boxes shipped to her for free, just on a chance she will love the product and write about it in her beauty mag. Ahh. Except I pay for it. But, for the beauty queens among us, who are not as frivoulous, and like to do their homework before they buy, I will review some of these products here. And thus help the beauty world become a better place...
Stay tuned.

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