Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blot Award

My very own, first Blot Award! This award will go, as often as needed, to the products that, sometimes despite their claims, use cheap and damaging ingredients.
So, the first Blot Award goes to....
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

I bought this cream because it was only $15 @ Sephora, but shame on me, I didn't check the ingredients. After using it for a few days, my skin began to feel and look dry. For me it means itchy skin and tight feeling especially on my neck (ravages of ages). So I flip the bottle over and read the ingredients list.
First one listed is water. Second, mineral oil.
Mineral oil is a byproduct of crude oil, also known as petroleum. It is cheap and masquerades as an excellent hydrator. But in reality it blocks the skin and tricks it into thinking it does not need to produce any oil on its own. It becomes dysfunctional, the creme causing the exact problem it promises to solve.
On their website Clinique say this about their Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion: Gives every skin the "drink" it needs after cleansing and exfoliating.
Shame on them and congratulations on their very first Blot Award!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's get Fresh

Here is a couple of products I tried and loved,surprisingly (to me anyway, because I prefer all-natural products). These two little darlings are from the exquisite brand Fresh. Started in 1991 by Glazman and Roytberg team with a little soap, the brand has taken on a cult status using many natural products. I have always loved their fragrances, but have stayed away from the the skin products, because often they have additional ingredients I am not a fan of. But I caved and bought their Soy Face Cream and Fresh Sugar Blossom Hand Cream.

The face cream has a great creamy texture, pink tinge and a subtle fragrance. It immediately moisturizes, and over time firms and restores. My skin is going woot! It's hydrated and smooth. The price point is around $40.00.

The hand cream is a dream. It smells fabulous! At first I didn't like the smell, I thought it was too strong, and I was suspicious that it's hype might be in the scent alone. But after using it for several days I noticed the skin on my hands was smoother, firmer and more even toned. It's only drawback is the price. The smaller tube (I think it's one ounce) goes for around $25 @ Sephora and the larger size (about 3 ounces) is $50. I thought it was convenient to have the smaller size, but the cream goes fast and I find I have to buy again in two to three weeks. But that maybe its addictive quality--you will find yourself reapplying often just for the heavenly smell and great afterfeel.

You can get it @ or

little candy

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Queens of SPFs

My friend not too long ago asked me which sun protection lotion I use. Loaded question.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This is my current fave. Keys Broad Spectrum Sunblock uses only natural ingredients to protect me from the sun. It was designed for cancer patients who were limited in what they could use to protect them from the sun. This alone tells you about the quality of products out there. There are no carcinogens present in this product. Scent is somewhat medicinal, but the texture is light. It easily layers on top of my moisturizer. You have to apply it often if you are in direct sun. I love this one. $26.95 @

Ddf organic sunblock SPF 30 is an excellent product. Light scent, great texture and easy to apply. And it lasts forever;). $32 @

This one is all natural product all the way from Europe. It smells great, but the texture is thick and tends to leave your skin with a white-ish layer. Some may like this illuminating effect, I won't judge. $26 @ or your local London Drugs.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fresh Soda Shampoo

Few months ago, due to the the impact of the economy on my pocket book and the fact I am a full-time student, and therefore poor: I stopped colouring my hair. Eek, I know, brave. This experiment turned my usually dry, over processed hair, oily and flat.
And I found a few strands of silver too. ( I don't want to digress, but what is up with grey hair and its unfortunate habit of sticking out of the rest of my brown hair like a rebellious teenager?)

Instead of spending $200 every two months on having my hair processed, I instead invest in a few good products.
Fresh Soda shampoo is fairly gentle--I do find when I use it too often my scalp gets dry and flaky--and it leaves your hair absolutely shiny and bouncy.
The bicarbonate soda in the shampoo--this is the stuff our grandma's used--cleans and clarifies. Mint and grapefruit gives the product a lovely scent.
I look forward to using this shampoo. It lathers up nicely and I feel like I am indulging a little. Well, with the price tag, a lot. And after my hair feels squeaky clean--awesome. It is full of life and shine. Doesn't replace my hairdresser though.
Priced at $33 Canadian, it is a bit of budget buster. But worth it.

Their Pomegranate conditioner is also worth a look if your hair only needs a light condition.

you can pick up a bottle @:

(prices may vary)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Intro--what am I doing?

Hi, my name is Romana and I am a product junkie. I love all the potions and bottles filled with sweet smelling concoctions that make me feel beautiful. But, sometimes I get overzealous, and buy more than I need. And all the excess goes in my deep bathroom drawer, the bottom one that will not work for anything else. And I test all these products on whim. Sometimes I feel like a glamorous magazine editor who gets boxes and boxes shipped to her for free, just on a chance she will love the product and write about it in her beauty mag. Ahh. Except I pay for it. But, for the beauty queens among us, who are not as frivoulous, and like to do their homework before they buy, I will review some of these products here. And thus help the beauty world become a better place...
Stay tuned.